Chancery Fees


 Consular Card

 Stamp Free


 Euros 20.00 

 National Identity Card

 Euros 01.00

 Paternal Authorization

 Euros 0.50

 Authentification of documents

 Euros 0.40

 True copy of the original

 Euros 0.40

 Traduction - Duplicata

 Euros 01.00

 Change of residence certificate

 Euros 03.00

 Consular certification

 Euros 0.30

 Certificate of origin for goods

 Euros 05.00

Important observations

  • The payments are expressed in US dollars and are subject to changes
  • The cost of entry visa establishment concern the bearers of passports
  • For other nationality passports, please ask the consular services for further information
  • A payment receipt can be delivered on request.