The Council of Nations

The Council of Nation is the second chamber of the Algerian Parliament. Established for the first time by the Constitution of 28 November 1996 (Art. 98), the Council of Nation is composed of 144 members, of which 2/3 (i.e., 96 members) are elected by indirect universal suffrage among the elected ones of Local Assemblies (People's Communal and Wilaya Assemblies) within each Wilaya. The remaining third (i.e., 48 members) are appointed by the President of the Republic. The mandate duration of the Council of Nation is six years with a midterm renewal every three years.

The Council of Nation exerts the legislative power with the People's National Assembly. Therefore, it passes laws by the majority of three quarters of its members (Art. 120). It can just rubber stamp of the texts already adopted by the NPA, for which it doesn’t have the power of legislating amendments. In case of disagreement between the NPA and the Council of Nation, a Joint ad-hoc commission is held and it is responsible for proposing a revised text which requires the approval of both chambers, without any further possibility of amendment.