Consular registration

The Algerian nationals residing abroad have the duty to register with the Embassy or Consulate of the district of their permanent residence.

The registration provids the Algerian citizen with the benefit of consular protection and the delivery administrative documents (identity card, passport,…).

Algerians who have achieved majority (19 years old) are registered on a principal basis, including the unmarried woman, widow or divorcee. The child under the age of nineteen is registered on a subsidiary basis.


1)   Registration file.

The registration is subject to the submission, by the applicant, of all documents relating to his or her identity, Algerian nationality, civil status and marital status, occupation and residence in the consular district.
In order to be registrated, the applicant must produce the following documents:

  • the Algerian passport
  • a birth certificate* or if the person is born abroad, the birth certificates of two ascending in paternal line born in Algeria or a nationality certificate.
  • a copy of residence permit
  • a proof of professional activity (employer's letter or registration certificate for students)
  • four (04) recent photographs of same print (passport size)
  • proof of residence* (copy of lease or copy of ownership documents)
  • marriage certificate
  • a birth certificate for each child under age
  • a photograph of the spouse if a foreigner
  • an application form duly completed.


The registration card, issued for free, is valid for three years. It is the responsibility of the holder to renew the card when it's expired.

The documents marked by an (*) must also be produced by the spouse of Algerian nationality.

2) Renewal of the consular registration card.

The applicant can renew his card by producing the following :

  • a proof of residence
  • a proof of employment (original of employer's letter or a registration certificate for students)
  • two recent photograph of same print (passport size)
  • the expired consular card

3) Change in situation registered person

The registered person is invited to inform the Embassy of any changes related to his address, marital status, marriage of registered children on subsidiary basis, birth or death of children, achievement of majority by registered children. This information helps update the consular file.
In the case where changes occur in consular district, the card holder must submit his card to the consular section of his country's residence where he must register again.

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